Policy Brief on The Rights of Children In The Time of COVID-19

This policy brief containing general as well as sector specific recommendations for Government action is the product of collaborative efforts of several organisations, academicians, practitioners, and experts working in the area of child rights. Members of the following networks and alliances contributed to this policy brief: Alliance for Right to ECD, Covid Response Alliance of India on Child Protection (CRAICP), India Alternative Care Network (IACN), ProChild Coalition, Right to Education

Forum, Right to Food Campaign, Working Group on Human Rights to India and the UN (WGHR). They worked in thematic sub-groups to develop sector specific recommendations which were integrated in the form of this brief to represent the core minimum demands from the State to ensure children’s rights during COVID-19. The list of 212 individuals and organisations that have endorsed the Policy Brief are included on page 19.

Centre for Social and Behaviour Change Communication, supports the Policy.

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